What we do

Don’t be without hot water! Water Heater Man installs, repairs, and maintains gas, electric, and tankless water heater systems.

How we work

Water Heater Man sends a trained, certified, licensed, and bonded technician to your home to get your hot water back on faster than a plumber.

How you save

No outrageous hourly rates and no surprise charges! Water Heater Man does everything needed to replace your water heater at one fair price.

We Offer Financing

Do you need a new water heater?


Water heaters don’t last forever. If you seem to run out of hot water faster than usual, it might be time to call Water Heater Man.

Water heater tanks collect calcium sediment over time, reducing their heating efficiency and the amount of hot water available.

A new water heater can reduce you gas bill and better cover all your regular uses of hot water, even without upgrading to a larger size tank.

See our services page to learn how Water Heater Man can help you!