Go Green with Eco-Friendly Water Heating

With rising energy bills and a falling water table, it makes more sense now than ever to think about going green. This is especially true when it comes to providing your home with hot water. Heating water requires a great deal of energy, whether gas or electric. On top of that, getting hot water to the shower or tap often requires wasting a lot of cold water.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to conventional water heating and delivery methods. Tankless water heaters can produce on-demand hot water, reducing waste water. They can save energy by reducing the total amount of water they have to heat up and by not having to keep a large tank of water warm.

Even conventional heaters can be kept eco-friendly. As a water heater ages, the heating elements collect sediment. This reduces the element’s ability to heat water. In order to keep up with your temperature setting, the heater must consume more energy. Who wants to spend more on gas or electricity for not-so-hot water?

Regular maintenance of your current water heater can keep it operating efficiently longer, saving you money and sparing resources. When it finally comes time to invest in a new heater, today’s tank options are designed to insulate better, heat more consistently, and consume less energy.

Start saving energy, water, and money!