Things That Could Be Wrong With Your Water Heater

There are few things as disappointing as stepping into the shower for a warm bath only to be hit by a stream of freezing cold water. A broken water heater is a plumbing emergency you probably don’t want to ever deal with, but one that happens quite often. A water heater fault can be caused by different things, as we have compiled some of the reasons why you might not be getting an optimal supply of hot water. If any of these situations apply to you, contact Water Heater Man for any necessary water heater repairs.

Water Temperature Issues

This is perhaps the most common water heater problem you are likely to encounter. A water heater is supposed to heat water to the desired temperature. However, due to a fault in the operations, your unit may be producing water that is too cold, not warm enough, or too hot. Before you schedule any water heater repairs, you should have a general idea on what each of these situations mean:

  • Cold Water: This usually means your heater is lacking power; this can be due to a damaged heating element or thermostat, broken fuse, or bad power switch.

  • Lukewarm Water: This issue can be caused by a faulty heating element or a broken thermostat. It can also be because the hot and cold connections of the unit are crossed. But there are instances where the unit is not faulty but still doesn’t produce hot enough water; this could be because the heater is undersized.

  • Very Hot Water: When your water heater is running at a higher temperature than desired, it often indicates that the thermostat is set too high. Adjusting the thermostat properly should fix this issue.


Like any plumbing fixture with pipes and valves, it is impossible to rule out the possibility of a leak in your water heater unit. This can be due to multiple causes including a pressure (relief valve), a stuck valve, loose bolts on the heating elements, a leaking reservoir, or a bad gasket. The leak could also be coming from a nearby plumbing connection rather than the unit itself. If you suspect this could be an issue, reach out to our service technicians.

Discolored Water

Dirty or discolored water from your tank may indicate corrosion in the inner lining of your water tank. In some cases, a Water Heater Man professional technician may be able to replace the anode rod which should fix the issue. However, if the rod cannot be replaced, then you might need an entirely new water heater installation.

Odd Noises

Odd noises from your water heater may be caused by a build-up of sediments in the water heater. You may be able to fix this issue by simply flushing the water heater. However, if this problem persists even after flushing the heater, then you need to seek professional he

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Diagnosing the most feasible issue with your water heater is not so difficult. If you’re observant, you should be able to predict the damage type and possible cause. But for most water heater repairs, you will need Water Heater Man’s professional services. If your water heater is broken in Edmund, OK and surrounding areas, call us for help!