Electric Water Heaters

Hot Water Through Electricity in Edmond, OK

A common water heater that you will see throughout homes all throughout the United States is an electric water heater. There are a few water heater options and dealing with one is an investment in time and money. Water Heater Man wants to help you pick the one that’s right for you. With that in mind, every water heater has its pros and cons, but the electric water heater has its fair share of benefits. These benefits include:

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  • Safety

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Simplicity

  • Convenience

  • Codes

  • Function

  • Lower Cost of Purchase

What Size of an Electric Water Heater Is the One For Me?


We offer two sizes when it comes to electric water heaters. We have our smaller 40 gallon tank and then our larger 50 gallon tank. For efficiency, we recommend the 40 gallon tank. This is just because of the recent regulation updates regarding efficiency. If you have a house that provides hot water for 4 or more people, then we would definitely recommend our 50 gallon water heater.

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40 Gallon Tank Electric Water Heater Specs

  • 40-Gallon capacity

  • 6-Year warranty

  • Electric 240 Voltage 4500/4500 Watts

  • 22-Inch diameter

  • 4.46 feet tall

50 Gallon Tank Electric Water Heater Specs

  • 50-Gallon capacity

  • 6-Year warranty

  • Electric 240 Voltage 4500/4500 Watts

  • 24 Inch Diameter

  • 4.45 feet tall

How Does an Electric Water Heater Work?

If you compare an electric water heater to a gas water heater, you will notice that they have a lot of similarities, but they also have very key differences. They both bring cold water in through a dip tube and heats the water through different heating elements. The hot water then rises in the tank and is dispersed throughout the house or wherever hot water is needed. The biggest difference between these two is that the heating element for electric water heaters, is — you guessed it — electric.

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